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How does the process work?

Here’s a general idea what you can expect during the Aqua Blue Pools design/building process..
(Step 1) On-Site Consultation: The first thing that we like to do is send one of our pool experts out to your site so that we can answer any questions and offer suggestions based on the layout of your backyard and your general landscape.
(Step 2) Design & Budget Agreement: We then work out an agreement based on the overall design, materials, and budget so that there aren’t any surprises. This involves a signed contract.
(Step 3) Order Material: It typically takes 7 – 10 days for the pool materials to be shipped to your location.
(Step 3) Layout/Visualization: Upon arrival of the pool materials and just prior to digging, we’ll layout the pool (typically w/ spray paint) so that you can visualize the pools actual footprint on your yard.
(Step 4) Construction: Once you’re satisfied with location, we start the construction process. This involves excavating, plumbing, built, etc.

Can you provide prices for the different pool options?

We hesitate to offer standard list prices for pools as there are many factors that both parties (buyer and seller) have to take into consideration. For example; what materials are you wanting to use, are we going to have to dig through a lot of rock, are you wanting a standard pump/filter or a saltwater system. Our pool builder/designer will have a list of standard pool options (we pretty much offer any pool option you can think of) and will be able to provide you with a very close pricing estimate during the on-site consultation. We also build custom shaped/sized pools if that is what you would prefer.

How quickly could we get started?

We’re typically able to get started within a a week to 10 days of contract signature and (barring bad weather) are able to finish within two to three weeks. Some other factors that impact completion time include:
* Weather – Wet weather can certainly slow everything down
* Pool Features – Are you wanting to include waterfall(s), custom lighting, slide, diving board, ect?
* Site Work – This includes concrete, retaining walls (if necessary) etc. Would you use Aqua Blue or a separate contractor?
* Landscaping – Are you wanting add landscaping (plants/rock/other features)? Would you use Aqua Blue or a separate contractor?
* Fencing – Are you wanting to add a fence around the pool? Would you use Aqua Blue or a separate contractor?